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Trash Panda publishes the best of English language haiku/senryu and other short form poetry of 17 syllables or less that uniquely expresses the reality of life in the Anthropocene. Poems should witness nature as it exists today. Plastic bags may flutter from cherry trees, and herons may stand in filthy water.

Poems may be new or previously published.  Publication rights are restored to the author upon release of publication, but Trash Panda reserves the right to republish on the website and in any future anthologies.

Summer Issue:

Submissions must be received between May 1st and May 15th. 

Winter Issue:

Submissions must be received between October 1st – 15th.


Anything received outside of the submission windows 

will be ignored.

Include in the body of the email:

1. Your name, as you wish it to appear for publication.

2. Your city/state/country of residence. 

3. Up to 5 of your best poems in the body of the email.

    No attachments will be read.

Send to:

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